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Alex Duncan

Alex Duncan has been DJ'ing since the early 2000. Well versed in many genres of music, he began his DJ career in 2001, performing small gigs and a weekly residency at a local club in Alabama, where he resided at the time. In 2003, he joined Uptown Entertainment, beginning his career as a professional DJ. He spent several years with Uptown and eventually left South Carolina to travel and explore different realms of DJ'ing, including: large-scale clubs, art exhibits, and various festivals, furthering his knowledge and abilities. He returned to Uptown Entertainment in 2016, and after 17 years in the business, he always knows how to read the crowd and choose the perfect song at just the right time.

In his spare time, Alex enjoys the world of gemstones & minerals with his partner. Not only do they enjoy collecting, but they love hunting and finding, as well. In his spare time Alex is still very active in the world of music. He produces, mixes, and collaborates with other artists to create various styles of house, dubstep, and drum & bass music. However, this love of EDM doesn't detract from his love of the classics.

Throughout the years, Alex has stayed in tune with the music he loves and plays for people at numerous events. Whether it's a dance floor full of festival-goers or a granddaughter standing on grandpa's feet while dancing, the people are what brings a smile to Alex's face and what fuels him to be a better, brighter DJ.